The Bling Ring: Steal their syle!

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The Bling Ring, written, directed and produced by Sofia Coppola, was released this past June. The story is about 5 teenagers that are obsessed with fashion and celebrities and they use the internet to track their whereabouts, so they can rob their homes.

When I watched the movie I thought it was okay, I didn’t love it, to be honest. I thought that it was impossible for people to just get in whenever they felt like it into homes from people like Paris Hilton. Then I googled the Bling Ring and I realized it was based on a true story. The real gang members were Alexis Neiers (Nicki), Rachel Lee (Rebecca), Nicholas Prugo (Marc), Tess Taylor (Sam) and Courtney Ames (Chloe). The actual Hollywood burglaries started on October 2008 and ended on August 2009. In those ten months, the Bling Ring stole around 3 million dollars’ worth of clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, makeup, art, etc. from stars such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Orlando Bloom.

After so much time, The Bling Ring got caught on August 2009, after their faces had been caught on surveillance cameras and the police released the footage to TMZ, which led to people giving tips to the police of the Bling Ring’s whereabouts. Alexis Neiers got sentenced to 30 days in jail, she got 3 years probation and $600,000 in restitution for Orlando Bloom. Nick Prugo was sentenced to 1 year in jail. Rachel Lee was given the biggest sentence, to four years in state prison but she got paroled after she had served half the sentence.
Sofia Coppola based the movie in an article written by Nancy Jo Sales in Vanity Fair called “The Suspects Wore Louboutins”. Read the article here.

After reading about the Bling Ring’s true story, it fascinated me. It’s really impressive how people can be so obsessed with celebrities to actually dare to rob their homes. What I really liked about the movie was that every single one of the characters had a different style. Rebecca’s and Nicki’s style were the ones that I liked the most.

The obsession with celebrity — which so many of us suffer from — is what makes the Bling Ring so relevant almost 5 years after the initial robbery took place. I believe that a large majority of our society is just as sick as us teens were. We are all obsessed, I believe, because we want an inside look into the real life of these celebrities, and we enjoy publicly scrutinizing people because they “sin” differently than we do”

– Alexis Neiers

You can now steal their style!!

the bling ring fashion style

bling ring fashion steal style

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bling ring fashion steal style

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bling ring fashion steal style

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What are your thoughts on the movie? Did you like it? Who's style do you like the most?

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  1. loved your post, great ideas and amazing movie x

  2. Nice outfit featuring the bling ring! <3

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  3. I got to go to a pre-release screening of this film and enjoyed it! Killer soundtrack and the fashion was great once they started stealing stuff! I was so stressed out through the whole flick, though! I just kept waiting for them to be caught!
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