People's Choice Awards: Best & Worst Dressed!

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Yesterday took place the first Award Show of 2014! How exciting is that? Even though it’s not the most glamorous award show, I think it was a warm up for what’s coming up on Sunday: the Golden Globes!! (Don’t forget to follow @berrytrendyblog to read the Red Carpet live blogging on Sunday)

Yesterday we saw many different trends and styles on the Red Carpet. I will show you which ones were my best and worst.

Nina Dobrev, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Heidi Klum, Naya Rivera, Lucy Hale, Malin Åkerman
Let's talk about the best dressed first. To be honest, I was not impressed by any outfit yesterday, but then again, like I said before, it's not such a glamorous event. There were many I thought were okay, such as Beth Behrs, Jessica Alba, Adelaide Kane, Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Hudson, etc. Here are my absolute favorite:

My #1 best dressed of the evening: Nina Dobrev wearing Jenny Packham Fall 2013. I loved how she looked, everything was flawless. The dress, the hair, the makeup. Just perfect. Oh and Ian Sommerhalder looked amazing as well, he always does though. I loved when he got asked on the Red Carpet "Harlem Shake or Twerk?" And he answered "What's the difference?" EXACTLY. 

#2 Best dressed: Lucy Hale wearing Gabriela Cadena. I have always loved Lucy's style, not just her personal one, but Aria Montgomery's as well. I think they are both so different, yet I love them. I think this dress suit her very well and the print is so pretty. The updo and the smokey eyes were the cherry on top for this look.

And finally, #3 best dressed. I had trouble deciding on this one because I didn't know wether to choose Heidi Klum or Sandra Bullock. I decided on Sandra Bullock wearing Peter Pilotto. I think Heidi went too over board with that Armani gown (although she is #4) and on the other hand, Sandra Bullock's dress was perfect for the event and it was age appropiate. She looked awesome!

Moving on to the worst dressed, I will start with #3... Naya Rivera wearing Michael Kors. As soon as I saw her on the Red Carpet I was like "OMG what is this?" She usually wears things I do like, but yesterday was a complete disaster. Starting with the dress: that attempt at color blocking, I'm sorry Mr. Kors, but the colors are horrible and that kind of tail she's dragging around should've been cut off. Secondly, California style hair is so over, she doesn't look good at all with that hair color, plus her hair looks like it's in need of a thousand treatments ASAP. And finally, the shoes are ugly. I liked the makeup, though.

I had trouble choosing #2 as well.. I was about to choose Drew Barrymore, but since she's pregnant I let it go. Word of advice, though, say no to crop tops and pleats in very bright colors when you're pregnant. So, the #2 worst dressed...Britney Spears wearing Michael D. The first time I actually saw her I thought she looked pretty from the shoulders up, but when she got up to receive her award and she could barely walk I thought "disaster". I mean, why would you wear something you can barely move in when you know you might have to go up to the stage and everybody will have their eyes on you? Besides, I thought this was a Zuhair Murad dress, but turns out it wasn't, so this design is not original in any single way.

And the moment you've been waiting for... THE #1 WORST DRESSED OF THE PCA's: Malin Åkerman wearing Cushnie Et Ochs. Seriously the first thing everybody noticed must have been her cleavage, they were about to pop out! It was way too much!! And that dress' print, I mean WHY? It looked so so so cheap. I never thought I would see such a print on the red carpet. Besides, that dress did absolutely nothing for her figure. Oh and did I mention the shoes? I hated everything about the outfit.

What are your thoughts on the People's Choice Awards Red Carpet? Who were your favorite and which ones did you hate? Do you agree with my choices?

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  1. I love Naya in a big, BIG way but she's channelling JLo too much with that hair. (And I have nothing against Queen JLo, but I think we don't have enough variety of fabulous, stable Latinas - one size/color doesn't fit all ;) ) She looks amazing, and distinctive with her regular hair choices... although I do get wanting to play and switch it up! And I'll never be a Jessica Alba fan... Sorry!

  2. […] Award season has officialy begun!! I’m so happy because of this, we will see all celebrities with gorgeous outfits well, we want to see them on fashion in style, although sometimes that does not happen at all. Since I am not a fashion expert, just a fan,  for the People’s choice Award I let you here the link of my dearest friend form Berry Trendy. […]

  3. I love Naya's look - so chic and effortless!

    Jenna ||

  4. What was Malin Åkerman thinking?? :S such a disaster!
    I really liked Sandra Bullock's dress and you're right, it was age appropiate. For me she's the best dressed and then Nina Dobrev.

  5. overall for the night, I thought too much BOOBS! I loved Nina's and Britney looked awesome too! xxo

  6. amazing dresses! not a massive fan of britneys though!
    love the blog and the name :)

    would love you to pop over and check mine toooo :)

    Mollie xoxo





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