7 Amazing Beauty Products On A Budget

7:29 PM

Spending the big bucks on makeup that you use on a daily basis is, in my opinion, completely ridiculous! Expensive makeup is really good quality makeup (it better be!), but because of its power, it might even be bad for your skin. I know it is actually bad for mine...Let's say I buy a $45 dollar foundation from NARS (like this one) and I put it on every single day...it covers every single imperfection wonderfully, but because of that, my pores are going to get clogged and odds are, I'm going to get a ton of pimples. I certainly do not want that. Do you? 
My recommendation is to have two makeup kits. One should be made up of drugstore makeup that you use every single day. And the other one should contain quality makeup you've invested quite some money in. I just said that spending a lot of money on makeup is ridiculous, but read again! Spending it on makeup that you use on a daily basis is... If you only use the products you've spent a lot on on special ocassions, they will probably last a very long time and that is definitely not ridiculous! 

These are the 7 best beauty products to buy when you're on a budget. You can get all of them at a regular drugstore. These are the beauty products I use myself everyday! 

What do you think? Do you think it's better to use expensive makeup on a daily basis? Or to stick with the drugstore dupes? What do you have in your makeup bag?

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