2 Great Outfit Ideas For Football Season

10:59 PM

I don't know if any of you are football fans, but it's playoffs season!!! Which means that the Superbowl is less than a month away. For today's post I'm doing two outfits inspired around an NFL jersey from Fanatics.

I've always liked football. When I was little I used to watch it with my uncle and when I was in middle school, 2 of my best friends played in a team and I always went to see their games. Although my uncle was and still is a San Diego Chargers fan, my team has always been the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

 The bumblebee uniform is by far my favorite! I just love how it looks. I think the designer of this uniform is a genius!!! 

Anyway, for those of you who are football fans, here are some outfit ideas for you to wear while rooting for your team. You can wear this if you go to a game, if you stay at home and watch it with your friends, and most importantly (and lucky you if you do...) if you attend the Superbowl which is being held on February 1st in Arizona. 

Jersey from Fanatics, Leggings from H&M, Hat from Forever21, Aviators from Ray-Ban, Booties from Forever21

Jersey from Fanatics, Jeans from Farfetch, Aviators from Ray-Ban, Bag from H&M, Shoes from Keds

I chose the first jersey because I told you, I adore the bumblebee uniform! The second one I chose because it was one of the couple ones that were for women and I liked how it looked. Now you must be wondering why number 43? Well... Troy Polamalu is my favorite player on the team. Plus, his hair is fabulous. 

Be sure to check out Fanatics' webpage (click here) to browse for jerseys of every team on the NFL. They're really, really cool! Especially for you, ladies. They have women's jerseys and those are not really common. 

Are you a football fan? What team are you rooting for? Will you be attending the Superbowl or any game at all?

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