How to Build a Wardrobe the Right Way

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I find myself repeating the words "I have nothing to wear" more times than I would like to admit. I guess that's just part of being a girl, right? We can have thousands of clothes and we still have nothing to wear. We could change that if we wanted to...and we don't need a lot of money to do so.
When you go shopping, how many times do you find yourself buying things you don't really need? Like maybe you saw this great statement coat that's so in right at that moment and maybe you wore it once but you HAD to get it? Or maybe you just thought it was really, really cute, but you actually don't know what to wear it with...but you kept telling yourself you would find something and never did and it's still hanging in your closet with the price tag on? Yeah, I think we've all gone through it and doing these things is exactly the reason why we keep telling ourselves "I have nothing to wear". 
I have the secret on how to never repeat those words again and how to build a wardrobe the right way. Three little words: back to basics. Basics are everything. Seriously, everything. When you go shopping, think about destining 70% of your money for basics and the other 30% for berry trendy pieces. 
Now, what are some basics we should all have? Keep reading to find out! 

  1. Blazer
Blazers are something that can totally make an outfit. You could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, throw a blazer into the arrangement and ta-da! You have a really chic outfit! Black is the first color you should have when buying a blazer, but if you find one that fits really good, go ahead and get it in another color, white maybe, too. Make sure that the blazer you get is a good quality one. I'm not saying spend all your money on it, but make sure it fits well or get it tailored. There's nothing worse than an unfitted blazer. 
This one is from H&M and you can get it for less than $40!

2.  White button-down 

I have to admit I don't actually own a classic buttown down shirt, but it's only because I haven't found one that I really like, plus I don't think it's that flattering on me. But I do have a white no sleeves button down. I recommend you have either one of them! 

Also from H&M
Forever 21

3. Cardigan
Cardigans are a must. You should have at least one in black, tan, navy blue and a colorful/patterned one) 

Black Knit Rib Flyaway Cardigan, BLACK, large
Love Culture


4. Pencil Skirts

This are so important. You can dress them up or down (mostly up) and you can get them in absolutely every color or print. But at first stick to the basics (black and blue)!

5. Black and Nude Heels 
This one speaks for itself. 

Forever 21

6. Little Black Dress

A versatile one you can wear either in the day or at night. It should be classic and you must be able to wear it to different occassions as well. 

Forever 21

7. Jeans 

You need regular blue jeans and black ones. Black denim is really important because it's so versatile. You can wear it in a casual outfit or even dress it up for work. Remember: they have to fit you like a glove. 

Both from H&M 

8. Camis. Tanks and Tees

You need these in every color you can get your hands on. They're great for layering. You can put everything on top of them: cardigans, vests, kimonos, coats, etc. 

9. Loafers and/or Ballerina Flats

Really cute ones for when you're not feeling like wearing heels. Make sure to get them in basic colors too. 


10. Accessories - they make or break an outfit. Wear them wisely. 


What do you think? Will you stop saying "I have nothing to wear" after some wise shopping? What are your favorite basic pieces? 

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