New Year 2015

11:22 PM

2014 was a very good year for me. One of the highlights of these past 12 months was getting the chance to work abroad at a summer camp for 2 months. In those two months I learned so many things... First of all, it was my first real job. I learned more about responsiblity, team work, patience, and so many other skills. Also, I made friends from all over the world. Now my best friends are from Australia, England, the US and Spain. It's amazing how much you can get to know a person by spending only 2 months with them. We grew closer than I am with many people I've known for years. 

As for the holidays, I spent it at home with my family. Last night we had an amazing dinner and loads of fun. At 12 am we ate 12 grapes, one for each month, wishing for something. We have another tradition which consists on taking suitcases and going outside to walk with them so we have a lot of traveling ahead of us in the new year. 

It was great spending time with my family. I am so greatful to have such amazing people in my life! 

How did you spend the holidays? What are your resolutions for this year? 

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