Jumpstart 2015: New Year's Resolutions

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I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. I think that if something you want is constantly on your mind, you will somehow get it because you will unconsciously work harder to achieve it. Therefore, I believe in the famous "out of sight, out of mind" saying too. 
When I was little, I used to see how my mom and aunt made a collage with pictures of what they wanted for the new year and they placed it somewhere in the house where they would constantly look at it, so they could somehow attract whatever it is they wanted. I used to think that was stupid and that it was only a waste of time. One day, when I grew up a little bit more, I said whatever, let's do this. I sat down on my bed, I took out all my magazines and started cutting out pictures that represented things I wanted. I remember that I was dying to go to New York but I hadn't had the chance to go yet, I was literally obsessed. I cut out a picture of the Statue of Liberty and I wrote in really big letters "New York City". When I was done, I hung up my collage on the back of my bedroom's door, where I would see it every single day more than one time. 6 months later,
I was on a plane on my way to NYC. When I found out I was going and I saw the collage on the back of my door, it scared me for a moment, to be honest. Ever since that day, I make a collage in the first week of January and I hang it up in my room. 

My mom has always asked me that what do I do to always get exactly what I want. The answer to that is pretty simple. I am an incredibly stubborn person. When I put my mind on something, I won't rest until I get it. I think about it constantly and I do whatever I have to do to get it. Having a picture reminding you of what you want is really, really helpful. Like I said before: out of sight, out of mind.

Main goals and wishes on my collage this year: 

  • Work harder on my blog so I can build a much bigger audience! (You would really help me with this one if you share my blog with your friends if you like what you read!) 
  • Collaborate with brands so I can give you better content
  • Read more books. I used to be a book worm, but with all the work I have to do for school I barely have time to read books that are non-school related. 
  • Go back to New York to work again in the summer camp I worked this past summer.  
  • Don't quit going to the gym. I've never been a really athletic person. I played soccer for a few years when I was in middle school, then I quit. I started dancing about 3 years ago and I loved it and haven't quit yet (yay me!). I used to go to the gym for like 2 weeks straight and then I would find all the excuses in the world and I stopped going. This past august I started really going and when I began to see results I started liking it. So my goal is not to quit! 
  • Grow my portfolio and maybe get an internship
  • Start planning my semester abroad. 

What are your goals for 2015? Do you believe in the law of attraction? 

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