9 pieces 9 outfits

11:11 AM

Do you ever find yourself saying "I need more clothes"? Probably, because a girl can never have too many clothes, right? But sometimes we get stuck with one or two outfits we create with a certain thing and we always wear it that way. Truth is, you can probably wear that item in so many more different ways and pair it with so many stuff in your closet.
I decided to make this 9 pieces 9 outfits post to show you exactly what I mean. And I only created 9 outfits, but I started couting on my head and I could've made at least 15. I'll post a second part of this post to show you those that are missing here. So stay tuned for that!

All you need are  basics and you start mixing and matching, then accessorizing and you've got yourself a whole new wardrobe! Have fun! 


What do you think? How do you mix and match your outfits? What do you think about these? What other combinations would you have made? 

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