Be Fashionable, Be Green: Conscious Exclusive by H&M

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We celebrated Earth Day yesterday and what better way to honor it than talking about sustainable fashion? 

When manufacturing clothes, there are certain things to be taken into account in order for a garment to be considered "sustainable". These factos include the sounce of fibers, the way they are treated to convert them into a textile, the workng environment of those who produce the materials, the overall carbon footprint, etc. 
The fabrics that are used in sustainable fashion are those of which fibers come directly from nature and don't involve chemical processes to produce them. Cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, hemp, to mention a few. Another way to be sustainble with fabrics is to recycle old ones. 

The fashion industry pollutes the environment a lot because of all the chemicals that are involved in the manufacturing process of clothes. Nowadays, we have to be much more conscious about the world we live in because we only have one. 

Sustainable fashion doesn't have to be ugly, not at all. We can see this clearly with the collection that H&M launched in the last few days: Conscious Exclusive. 

The face of this line is the actress and humanitarian, Olivia Wilde, who stated "Style and awareness, not one or the other. Like fashion should always be." in the campaign video for the line. 
It's true that Geen Fashion is more expensive than regular fashion, however, I think it's worth it, don't you? 

Conscious Exclusive Outfits

Everything from H&M Conscious Exclusive collection, bag from Angela and Roi

Everything from H&M, bag from Angela and Roi

Everything from H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection, bag from Angela and Roi

What do you think about these amazing clothes that are eco-friendly? Personally, I love them! 
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