Things You Need To Know About Mexican Fashion

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As I've mentioned before, mexican fashion is really starting to take off and the talent these great designers have is amazing and I wish they were better known around the world already! 
There are many things that people work to make better in this country and others that might seem irrelevant to some, like fashion. Of course there are public matters that should be fixed with much more urgency, like poverty, for example. However, fashion is an art. Everything behind it involves a whole culture...and culture is a big part (maybe the biggest) of who we are as a country. We have amazing designers in Mexico, and they should be getting much more credit for their work around the world. 

These days, there are many great things people have been doing to bring Mexico to the world through fashion. One of the most important ones, I think, is the website called Mexicouture. This platform was founded by Sara Galindo, one of the most important mexican fashion figures, former Executive Fashion Editor of ELLE Mexico, executive director and judge at Elle Mexico Diseña (a TV show similar to Project Runway) and much more. This website is a place where you can get to know the most important mexican fashion designers, you can buy their clothes, etc. 

Visit Mexicouture here.

After attending Fashion Week Mexico, I could see first hand how good our designers are. I was absolutely mesmerized by Macario Jiménez' show and looking around, I could see what a great potential we have in the world of fashion. Because of this, I thought I'd put my two pennies worth into this and share with you my favorite looks of this season's Fashion Week Mexico. Maybe when you finish reading this post you'll end up wanting to know more about them and their work that you'll google them, share it with your friends, and perhaps even buy something of theirs. Helping us, this way, bring Mexico to your country. 

Pineda Covalín

Benito Santos

Sandra Weil

Alexia Ulibarri

Lydia Lavín

Pink Magnolia


Macario Jiménez


What do you think of these amazing designers? Google them so you can see more of their work and be amazed. Personally, my favorites are Macario Jiménez, Pink Magnolia and Alexia Ulibarri. What about yours? Check out Pink Magnolia's collection in collaboration with Barbie, I am so in love with it! It's so amazing!

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Don't forget to take a look at what I wore for Fashion Week Mexico here

*All images belong to Fashion Week Mexico*
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