10 Tips On How To Pack For Any Ocassion

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I've been thinking lately that I suck at packing. Honestly, I really do. I'm one of those girls who no matter where she's going she needs a ridiculously big suitcase, who ends up wearing the exact same 3 things for the whole trip even if she packed 3 months worth of outfits. 

My biggest fear when arriving to the airport is my bag being overweight and having to pay an outrageous amount of money to take things I'm not even going to use. My suitcases have had overweight a lot of times, some of them I've been lucky and the plane wasn't at full capacity, so they didn't charge me... but still... how stupid is it to pay for stuff that I'm not even going to take out of the suitcase? 

For the ones that have been following my blog for a while now, you know that last summer I worked at a summer camp. Well, this year I'm going back and I've learned a few things about packing. For those who are wondering: yes, last year my bag was overweight, because heaven forbid I didn't have enough clothes for 2 months...and yes, of course I ended up wearing the same 5 tops and shorts my whole stay there. 

So, how to pack...of course the clothes you take will depend completely on the destination, however the basics are the same. 

  1. You need to plan your airport outfit thoroughly (stay tuned for the post on How To Dress For the Airport). 
  2. Put your underwear, socks and whatever that might spill inside ziploc bags. Before you close the bags make sure you take the air out, this way they will weight less. 
  3. Create a "base" outfit and variate. For exanple, jeans are very heavy, so take only one pair and style it with different tops and shoes. 
  4. Take basics that can work on different ocassions. Take tops you can dress up with jewelry or just wear casually. 
  5. Pack only one pair of high heels, they're heavy too! Make sure they go with almost anything. Nude heels work best! 
  6. Also, only take one handbag that goes with everything. This one you will be carrying in the plane with you. If you need more than one bag, take a clutch too and stash it in your handbag for the flight. 
  7. If you're staying for a long time on your destination don't pack shampoo and conditioner, buy them over there. Otherwise, take miniatures with you. And I meant it, put everything that might spill on a ziploc bag. I've learned this the hard way. 
  8. If you're going to the beach or somewhere sunny and want to take a hat, work it into your plane outfit. Do not put it inside the suitcase because it will most definitely get ruined. However, if you really want to pack it, make sure you put something where your head goes so it doesn't get squeezed as bad. 
  9. Be smart with accessories... don't take all the jewelry you own. Take two or three options that go with different outfits for different ocassions. 
  10. When you're packing, if you can't think of at least two ocassions in which you will wear something, don't take it. 

I know these tips sound obvious and stupid buuuut believe me, they work! I know it's hard to not overpack...it takes hard work and concentration (lol) and you can get carried away, but it needs to be done. Your wallet will thank you! If something goes wrong and you realize you left something important at home, you can always go shopping! Better to buy something new than pay for overweight! 

Let me know if these tips worked for you down in the comments!
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