Choosing the Best Dress for your Shape

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Prom, graduation, homecoming...these are all great ocassions that give you an excuse to buy a pretty dress and really, really dress up! Homecoming season is upon us, it’s the perfect time to start looking for that dream gown and making sure you look like a thousand bucks. In order to achieve this, you must know your body type and know what suits you best. 

Here I give you a few hints on choosing homecoming dresses that best suit your body type! I hope you like it!  

Petite Body Shape

If you have a petite frame, you need to be looking for dresses with narrower cuts. Structured bodices will add shape to smaller figures while beaded sweetheart necklines add dimension and texture. For the illusion of curves, choose gowns with wrapped or pleated bodices and gracefully flowing skirts that float to the floor or have ruffles spinning down your back.

Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr

The best possible advice for petite shapes is to show off that tiny physique of yours! Long gowns are going to make you look like you’re drowning and your frame will be completely lost. Instead, choose homecoming dresses for 2015 that are short and feminine. Also avoid bunched up fabric.

If a short hemline isn’t your idea of elegance for homecoming, there is another option. Petite girls look amazing in dresses that finish just below the knee. Vintage styles that are comfortable to dance in are great.

Fuller Busts

Image by Diiesmiley via Flickr
If you have a fuller chest, don’t shy away from strapless homecoming dresses. High-cut sweetheart necklines will fit comfortably and securely over fuller busts – probably better than lower cut dresses, and you will look much more classier. You could also opt to add straps for greater security and comfort too. Most of the time, finding a dress when you have a large chest is an incredibly difficult task, however you just need to know what kind of necklines suit you best and have it tailored to perfection!

Smaller Busts

Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr
On the other hand, if you feel like you need a little help in the chest area, choosing a structured dress that will add the illusion of curves where you need them most is the way to go! One shoulder dresses that stretch across a structured bodice will add a great deal of texture and even allow room for insets if you want them.

Fuller Figures

There's absolutely no need to worry if you’re on the curvy side. You can enhance the smallest part of your waist with the help of an empire waistline and look much more slimmer. Choose dresses with a fitted bust and flowing skirt. You should always work with what you have and love yourself and your body before anything else! 

The Hourglass Figure

Hourglass shapes can show off their curves in homecoming dresses that come in a mermaid style. This type of silhouette is designed especially to highlight the hips, waist and bust – so it truly enhances the figure in all the right places.

Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr
Hourglass shapes are very common and if you're lucky enough to have this body type, you can pretty much wear anything you want! A fitted homecoming gown, especially on the top and waist, will show off those enviable curves. The only shape that hourglass figures should probably avoid, is the empire waist that will only serve to extenuate the mid-section and make you look fuller than you actually are. 

Flat Chested

Image by Alexander Marie Guillemin via Flickr

So maybe you’re neither small nor big busted, there’s still a homecoming dress for you. The best option for you is a dress that has a lot going on in the chest section. An empire waist, for example, with a standout decoration like a beaded waistband is the way to go. The detail will be eye catching and the higher waist of the gown will help your bust to be as full as it can be. If you want your chest to look bigger, you should choose a dress that drives people's attention to that area. Gowns with simple designs that feature interesting stitching, beading or gathered fabric around the bust line can work really well too. The details work like visual padding to make your bust look fuller.
No matter your shape, there is the perfect homecoming dress out there for you. Simply head off armed with these tips to make sure you feel like the princess you are on your special night. You’ll no doubt be the belle of the ball! 

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