Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico SS16: Day 2

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My second day at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was great as well as day 1, which you can read about here. I attended the fashion shows of Simple by Trista, Anabella Bergero, Alexia Ulibarri, Kris Goyri and Cihuah. These designers are so talented and amazing at putting up a show. My favorite show of the day was probably Alexia Ulibarri's. What I loved the most about her collections were the prints she used on her clothes. So beautiful.

mix prints fashion

prints fashion mix

mix prints fashion

I went for a bolder look for this second day. This is actually one of the first times I mix different prints in the same outfit. Putting together different prints takes a lot of courage, honestly. It's tricky and at first you might think it's weird and that you look ridiculous. However, fashion is all about taking risks and going for it. I was very satisfied with the result, to be honest!

prints fashion

mix prints fashion

mix prints fashion

There used to be a fashion rule that said "don't wear two different prints together", that's all in the past now! It's considered very chic and fashionable to do so. Maybe even mix more than 2 prints if you're feeling brave! Don't be afraid to take risks, you can discover a whole new style by doing it! 

outfit ideas ootd

What are your thoughts on mix and matching prints? 

Here are some of my favorite looks on yesterday's runway shows! Let me know what you think and which ones you like better. 


alexia ulibarri

alexia ulibarri fashion week mexico

As I said earlier, this was my favorite collection of the day. I think it was because it goes a lot with my style and my likes. Look at how beautiful the designs are. Absolutely amazing! 


simple by trista fashion week mexico

This was a very sporty collection. The cuts were very straight and square-like. Every look was rocking a pair of kicks, and it looked good. However, there were only a couple things that I would wear separately. It was a very good collection, though. 


This collection definitely made a statement. I have really  no words for it. It was something else. 

What do you think about my outfit? About matching prints? About the amazing talent designers in Mexico have? Would you wear any of these looks? 

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