Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico SS16: Day 1

1:22 PM

Fashion week Mexico Spring Summer 2016 began yesterday, opening up with Pineda Covalin's show. Before the show started, Cory Crespo, the director of the Marketing agency that runs Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico, Coloürs, and Beatriz Calles, director of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico, gave a speech and told us how they made some changes to the runway. The runway in this edition is now wider than before, breaking international Fashion Week rules. "I hope we don't get in trouble" they said laughing. They also told us how now, every mexican designer that seems promising, will be showing their collections on the runway, hoping that this will take them to succeed all over the world.

The collections that were showed yesterday were, Pineda Covalín, Macario Jiménez, Benito Santos and Sandra Weil. Every single collection was beautiful. Full of color and gorgeous silhouettes.

I wore this outfit because I loved the matchy matchy blue feeling it has to it. It was very hot yesterday, so let's wear as many skirts as we can before the cold strikes us and we can't wear them without tights until next year anymore! I loved how this outfit turned out and I think it can be used in many occassions. You could dress it down a little by taking the hat off and using flat sandals instead of heels. Stripes are always a yes and I love vertical stripes because they make you seem longer and slimmer. Whereas horizontal stripes have the opposite effect. 

Here are some of my absolute favorite looks from the shows: 


 I love how these designers make mexican patterns look so glamourous, elegant and expensive looking. I loved the colors, cuts and silhouettes. Simply beautiful.


Simple and elegant. I loved how he used the colors. In the picture above we can see him with all the models that have been there for him for the past 20 years. Mercedez Benz Fashion Week gave him an award for his 20 years in fashion.


I think this was my favorite collection. It was so gorgeously made. I would wear almost every piece in it. The colors were absolutely stunning and I really ended up falling in love with the brand. Also, Benito Santos really amazes me because, fun fact, he's a doctor. 


This collection was so feminine and beautiful. It was simple and elegant. Also one of my favorites. Before yesterday I wasn't really familiarized with this designer. From now on, I sure will be! 

What do you think about these collections and my outfit? Mexican designers have so much talent and they should be recognized all over the world. If you're mexican, try to incorporate at least 1 mexican piece in your outfits everyday, and if you're not, you should do it too, because look how beautiful our clothes are! #CompraModaNacional

Stay tuned for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico Spring Summer 2016 day 2 coming up tomorrow! 

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