7 Black Friday Shopping Tips

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As you guys already know, I'm from Mexico, therefore I've never experienced an actual Black Friday. Here in Mexico, we have our own little version of it, however I don't think it's as crazy as Black Friday. Even if you're not from the United States, you can still take advantage from these amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, thanks to this little thing called online shopping. 

Every shopaholic out there is probably already thinking of all the stuff they not only want, but need in their lives and how they're going to get them this following weekend. You're all probs drooling over all the clothes and shoes you're going to score. However, it's very easy to get lost in all the offers and madness. Hence why I bring you these little tips that will hopefully make your Black Friday experience a little less hectic and stressing. 

1. Budget
When you see those huge white letters over a red backdrop that spell "SALE" in every shop's windows, your heart probably starts racing and you start getting all jumpy and excited. It's very easy to get lost in that sea of discounts and offers. The whole point of Black Friday is getting stuff for a much better price than usual and not ending bankrupt. So, before you leave your house for your Black Friday shopping, make sure you set a budget for yourself and make the commitment to stick to it. If you have no self control whatsoever, maybe even take cash out and leave your credit card at home where it's safe from that crazy person that will most definitely take over your mind and body. 

black friday shopping tips
2. Make a list

Like I said before, it's easy to get lost and overwhelmed when a shopaholic takes over you. Therefore, after you've set a budget, make a list of things you actually need (and please don't forget to take it with you... great idea: make the list on the notes on your phone). This will keep you from buying stuff you either don't need or you already have. Do you really, really need another pair of jeans to make company to the other 10 that you have hanging in your closet that you never wear 'cause, let's be honest, you have one pair that you love and always wear. 

3. Research

There's so many coupons out there already that you can find before you go out shopping. Also, a lot of stores start Black Friday eatly. For example, if you go to Forever 21's webpage, you'll see that the offers and discounts have already started. Also, A'Gaci is offering up to 70% off on sale items, check it out here. Finally, Aeropostale is giving away a Free Watch with a purchase of $40. Do your homework and you'll find amazing stuff! You can go to http://www.theblackfriday.com/ to find great deals! 

4. Wake up early

Let me tell you something: looooads of people are probably even going to camp outside stores to be the first ones in. Why? Because a lot of sales take place only until a certain time of day, like noon. If you want to get the best possible deals out there, be ready to wake up or even take extreme measures like camping outside your favorite store (tbh I find that going way too overboad, but by all means...) 

5. Check the store's policy

This is a must. Sometimes stores don't offer refunds, exchanges, etc. on stuff that's on sale. So, before you start buying stuff in the heat of the moment without even trying it on, check out the policy. Also, ask for a gift receipt when you pay. This will almost always allow you to exchange an item even if you bought it on sale. Then again, get familiarized with the policy. Every store is different. 

6. Wear comfortable clothes

You should always, always look put together. However, shopping is not the time to get all dressed up. Make sure you wear the most comfortable (yet cute) clothes you own. If you have to try stuff on, imagine how much time it's going to take you to take off all the layers...I would always recommend something that's easy to take off, like a dress. It's cold this time of year though, you probably thought. Wear something that's still easy to take off, like leggings and flats or shoes that are easy to take off and put on (UGGs or something cuter. UGGs always deliver though). Finally, take a cross body bag with you so you can have your hands free at all times! 

7. Skip the crowds

If you really can't be bothered to wake up early and deal with the crowds, you can still have your Black Friday and Cyber Monday (duh) shopping online. In order to do this the easiest way possible though, you need to prepare. Sites are probably going to crash, so do your browsing before Friday. Fill your shopping cart with all the stuff you want, so that as soon as you log into your computer you can check out and be done with it. Also, another tip right here, be sure to stick to stores and sites you know, because no one will assure you that the stuff you buy on shady sites will actually get to you. 

shopping tips

Last tip: browse the App Store to download apps that will help you compare prices. Sometimes you can find better deals, even if you don't believe it gets any better!
Best luck to you all this weekend!!! I hope you get everything you want and need!! 

What do you think about these tips? Let me know if they were useful at all! How was your Black Friday experience? What did you buy?

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