Best Fashion Moments of 2015

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We had some great fashion this year. Every year I think "there can't be something more amazing/outrageous/ugly/(insert any article you want) that that" and turns out, I'm always wrong. Every year fashion keeps giving me more moments to remember. 
I was amazed not only by the red carpet season, but also by Fashion Week. How crazy and absolutely brilliant was Chanel's ariplane show? Like I never thought Karl Laggerfeld could beat the supermarket show, but he certainly did this past season! He's a genius, what can I say? 

Anyways, about these great moments I keep going on and on about...

Rihanna wearing Giambattista Vali at the Grammy Awards. This is the ultimate sweet sixteen dress every girl would want to pull off. I remember when Rihanna was late to the red carpet, well she certainly made a statement being the last one on it wearing this fabulous dress, right? 
Cheers to you, Rihanna! I don't think anyone else can pull this off like you did. 

Maria Borges, the first african american model rocking her natural curly hair on a Victoria's Secret catwalk. Let's forget about the hair though. She looks amazing, don't get me wrong, but the wings though!! The colors she's wearing make her pop so much. She looks gorgeous without a doubt and honestly, respect to the designer behind those wings. They're flawless. 

Lupita Nyong'o wearing Calvin Klein at the Golden Globes. I think this was probably one of my favorite gowns of the whole 2015 red carpet season. All the work behind that dress is unbelievable. It's made out of 6 thousand pearls. Can you imagine how much that thing weighs? Also, not many people can look as good as this in white. 

Emma Stone wearing Dior couture at the SAG Awards. 
This girl is just perfect. She always wears the right thing for the right occassion as she remains fashion forward. I would love to wear this look! It's so classy and elegant, yet different that everything that's "classy and elegant" if that makes sense. The styling is perfect because she let the clothes do all the talking. Discrete shoes, no jewelry, minimal makeup and a red lip. Perfection in every sense of the word. 

Kendall Jenner's debut as a Victoria's Secret model. She looked flawless as always! That was one of my favorite looks of the show. I loved how her mom was recording her from the front row looking all proud and excited! 

Throwback to when Zoolander crashed Valentino's runway show. That was genius and hilarious!! 

So these were my favorite fashion moments of the year. It was hands down a great year for fashion. So many things happened, like Joan Didion being the face of Céline, Raf Simmons stepping down from Dior and Alexander Wang leaving Balenciaga... 

I wish you all a very happy time with your families this Christmas! Enjoy it with your loved ones and stay tuned for upcoming posts! 

What were your favorite fashion moments of the year? Do you agree with mine? Which one am I missing? 

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