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It's that time of the year again. The day that you can't stop looking forward to if you're in a relationship, and the day you're dreading the most if you're not: Valentine's Day. 

Some people might think that Valentine's Day is completely overrated and that it's only an excuse to make people buy stuff they don't need. I'm a Marketing major and I'm well aware of all the Marketing that's involved on this day... but honestly? I don't care. I love Valentine's Day! I liked it even when I wasn't in a relationship. What's better than being given candy and flowers and having someone demonstrate how much they love you? 

If you're in a relationship like me, you're probably already stressing thinking about what you're going to do and what you're going to get for your boy. Boys have it so easy... Romantic dinner, flowers and chocolate and they will have us drooling over them. Because of this, I've put together a little gift guide to help you in this process: 

1. Love Coupons

hand with Valentine's Day coupon book
Photo courtesy of FTD Fresh
This is an amazing idea to give your man a super personalized gift. FTD Fresh has this amazing printable coupons you can download (here) in which you can fill in the blanks! They're super cute, you should totally check them out! 

2. Bake him something

You know what they say about making men fall in love through the stomach... 
I love baking cakes and pies and I've come across several great recipes! Last year I baked my boyfriend a strawberry pie that was to die for. I got the recipe on Pinterest and although it took me forever to make... it was absolutely worth it, he loved it! 

3. Make him a collage

Take silly pictures of yourself and have them framed! 

4. Plan a weekend getaway

Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year, so what better way to celebreate it than to make a whole weekend out of it? It'd be so romantic to just drop everything for a couple of days and go explore somewhere new! Maybe go camping? To the beach? Take your pick! 

5. Stay in! 

Maybe you just want to get away from everyone. Get tons of comfort food and wine, put music or Netflix on and you're settled! 

These are just a few tiny examples of what you can make to your boyfriend. Remember that Valentine's Day is all about details. You don't have to buy something to have the best gift. I believe the best presents are the ones that come from the heart and what better wat to show your love than actually taking the time to prepare something romantic and amazing! 

If you need more inspiration for this, I've created a little Valentine's Day Moodboard on Pinterest that you can follow here

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What do you think about this post? Do you love or hate Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments below!! 

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