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Have you ever felt the need to find a new place to shop? When you go to the mall and you feel like you already know what they will have in every single store and you want to stumble upon a new place to get different things and redefine your style? I think there comes a time when every girl feels this way. I bet that when you finally find some place new you get super excited and you want to buy everything, right?

Before I started blogging I didn't feel really comfortable with the online shopping world, but as time passes I've started feeling better about it and now I actually like it because there's so much more to find than in your local mall. I've been talking a lot about online shops recently and just a few days ago I found out about another one. I'm sure you're all about finding affordable, quality and good looking clothing just like me, so you're going to love this. is an online store that works along with independent fashion designers from all over the world. They're looking to create a community that bonds designers and customers, so they can communicate and share ideas. I think this is pretty darn cool, don't you? Wouldn't you love to tell designers exactly what you're looking for and what you want so that they can design what their customers need? I don't know about you, but I totally would. 

You know I always say that you can look like a thousand bucks without actually spending them? Well this is where StyleWe and I totally agree. They think that fashion shouldn't be only for the rich and famous, so they are dedicated to bring us all amazing designs created by really talented people at affordable prices.

I browsed their site for quite a while and I really think that everyone can find something they like on because they have a lot of different styles. Something I really liked was their handbags. They have unique and incredible designs that I haven't seen anywhere else before.

I really liked this blue satchel. I'd wear it with jeans or a dress  during the day and would dress it up for night time too!
You can check out the rest of their unique handbags here

Click here to buy this dress

Click here to buy this dress

Check out these dresses guys!! I love them so much and I would totally wear them myself. Especially the first one. These are unique designs that you don't see many places and I think it's totally worth it finding shops like these to buy your clothes and knowing that no one else you know is going to be wearing the same thing. I know I'm not the only one that hates it when someone's dressed alike. 

Right now they're having their anniversary sale where you can get amazing discounts up to 40% off! 
On a serious note, I really recommend you guys check them out because their stuff is truly cool and I'm sure you will love it as much as I did! 

Go to to check out all the amazing clothes designed by really talented designers and let me know if you end up buying anything below in the comments! 

What did you think about this brand? Had you ever heard of it before? I'd love to know your thoughts on them!! 

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