How to Motivate Yourself to Workout

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Keeping things real is something really important for me and because of that I like to tell you real stories about me so that you see that I'm a regular girl just like you. I'm sure you can relate with a lot of things I talk about here on Berry Trendy, like you will with this post about working out. 

Working out is a hassle, seriously. At some point in our lives we've all been guilty of wanting to be skinnier, fitter, stronger, healthier and quitting one or two weeks after working out or starting a diet or whatever. Right? I know I'm right. 

I was a chubby girl and teenager. There,  I've said it. I used to eat a lot of crap and never exercised. That's the honest truth. I hated working out, I hated running and sweating and I'd rather be on my computer or in front of the TV. But it came a point in my life when I realized I'd had enough and wanted to be skinnier. That's how it started. 

It took a lot of will power for me to start working out on a regular basis and not to quit. When you start working out it's horrible because you're sore all the time and that's not a nice feeling. Once you start seeing results though, it's totally worth it. When I dropped a lot of weight and people started noticing I knew I was doing something right. Now, I can't say that I LOVE working out, but I do enjoy it. I don't like missing a day at the gym because it gets that much harder to go back afterwards. 

I go to the gym five days a week, Monday through Friday for about an hour and a half and I rest during the weekends. Sometimes I might miss a day during the week depending on stuff like exams, homework or if I'm really tired but that's okay. Mondays and Thursdays are leg and booty days, Tuesdays and Fridays are arm (biceps, triceps and shoulders) days and Wednesdays are back and abs days. I created my routine with the help of my dear beloved Pinterest and with the help of my personal trainer a.k.a. my boyfriend. 

I know it's hard to keep a healthy diet and fit a workout into your day to day life but you need to find a way to do it not only to be hot, but to be healthy. Try to workout at least for an hour three days a week, you will love the results. Here are a few tips to motivate yourself to workout: 


Your best friend, your sister, your brother, your boyfriend, it doesn't matter. Make plans to go to the gym or for a jog with someone that can keep you on track and motivated. For me this person was my boyfriend. When I started dating him was when I really got into working out and when I started going to the gym everyday. At first I hated working out with him because I was embarassed but now I love it! 


Music always keeps me going. I hate to listen to crappy music when I exercise because I get bored. I need music that motivates me and makes me hyper. There are a lot of good playlists on Pinterest that you can look for to get inspired and find new music. 


Did you make it one whole week without skipping one day of working out? You go girl! Go get yourself a treat during the weekend. Once you start working out you will see that you will get hungrier and hungrier every day because your calorie intake will increase. Don't hold back. While you need to eat healthy food for your exercise to actually work, you can totally eat a piece of chocolate or drink a Starbucks Chai Latte once or twice a week. 


It might be a little hypocritical of me to say this because I mostly work out in leggings and oversized T-Shirts but anyway... If you feel like getting cute workout clothes will motivate you to exercise, by all means go shopping. To be honest, I only have the essentials and a pair of Nikes that I did invest some money on because I'd much rather be fashionable outside of the gym than at the gym, but we're all different. 


They say that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. So there you go, workout get into it for 21 straight days and when you least expect it you will have made a habit of working out and you will need it in your life. 


Being patient and consistent is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you. You won't have the body you've always wanted in a week. You have to work hard for it and wait for results. It takes about a month for you to start seeing changes in your body. Don't get discouraged and keep working towards your goals. You won't regret it. 

What do you think about this post? Do you struggle to get yourself to the gym? What are your motivation tips? I'd love to know!! Tag me on Instagram to see your workout gear! 

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  1. The fact that it takes 21 days to make a habit is the best tip/fact I've ever learned.

    Emma ♥

    1. It's good to know, isn't it? You just have to suck it up for three weeks!!
      Thanks for stopping by <3

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