Berry Trendy is a fashion blog where you will find inspiration for everyday situations and special occassions, as well as lifestyle and travel stories and tips. 

My name is Alexia Rebing. I was born in Mexico City, I'm 23 years old and I study Marketing and Communications.

Since I was little, I've been aware of two things I love: fashion and traveling.  I remember when I wanted to be a fashion designer and the first time I watched The Devil Wears Prada. I've always wanted to work in fashion and, eventually, live in New York City. My thoughts on this have changed through the years but I still wouldn't mind living there. The reason why I started this blog was because, like I said, I plan on working in the industry one day...pretty soon too. Also, because fashion in Mexico is not very big yet and I want to help in whichever way I can to make it better known in the rest of the world. I love supporting mexican fashion, we have some amazing, talented designers in this country and they deserve to be more famous. I also love to support fashion brands that give something back to the world and their communities. Supporting a Cancer Awareness charity, making clothes with vegan fabrics, anything!
On the other hand, I want to share with you amazing travel experiences and show you that you don't need tons of money to see the world. After all, you're probaly still in college like me and we're on a tight budget. 

If you're one of those girls, like me, who would love to have Manolos on her feet and carry a CĂ©line or a Louis Vuitton bag every day in the streets of New York, Paris or Milan, this blog is just for you. I can show you how to look like a thousand bucks without actually spending them.

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