uniting in fight against the epidemic, guolin is acting-j9九游会真人

2020-05-19 982 share

the covid-19 outbreak has touched the hearts of every chinese. qingdao guolin environmental technology co., ltd. is closely following the development of the epidemic. guolin conscientiously implements the policies and arrangements for joint national prevention and control efforts, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of enterprises.

in accordance with the emergency requirements of epidemic prevention and control in nanjing and the work arrangements of nanjing urban and rural construction commission, at 5 pm on february 3rd, guolin received a notice from china construction eighth engineering bureau third construction co. ltd to assist the construction of a back-up ward for covid-19 in nanjing. nanjing public health medical center urgently needs ozone generator equipment for medical waste water treatment.

epidemic is the order, epidemic prevention is the responsibility. in order to ensure the standard discharge of wastewater in nanjing xiaotangshan hospital, the company responded positively after receiving the notice. apply to the district and municipal government for some employees to return to work urgently. at the same time, according to the requirements of the provincial government and municipal government, introduce prevention and control measures for resumption of work, prepare prevention and control supplies, and conduct comprehensive disinfection of the plant. in order to quickly defeat the epidemic, guolin workers responded positively, giving up their holidays and doing their part in the battle against the epidemic. with one heart and one mind, we are fighting against covid-19. guolin is in action. after working day and night, the equipment has been successfully completed.

at 12:00 on february 6th, guolin ozone generator equipment was delivered on time with both quality and quantity guaranteed, thus successfully completing the medical waste water treatment project of assisting the construction of nanjing public health medical center.

meanwhile, through the red cross society of shibei district of qingdao and the red cross society of laixi, guolin donated a total of rmb 1 million on january 31 for the prevention, control and treatment of covid-19.

with the epidemic raging, guolin science and technology has done its utmost to support the affected areas with concrete actions, and worked with the whole nation to overcome difficulties and win the battle against the epidemic.