on june 9th, 2012, meeting of scientific and technological achievements of national twelfth five-year plan major scientific and technological water treatment special project and key technical project of qingdao science and technology development plan with item of “ large 120kg/h ozone generator development project” was held by in qingdao.

the meeting was taken chair by science and technology development promotion center of ministry of housing and urban-rural development of the people’s republic of china(mohurd). inspector of department of urban construction of mohurd--zhang yue, director of science and technology development promotion center of mohurd---yang rong, and relative leaders from jiangsu provincial construction department, shandong provincial construction department and qingdao government attended the meeting.

all senior experts from tsinghua university, design & research institute of shanghai municipal engineering and other experts involved in domestic environmental protection and ozone technology did the acceptance inspection and evaluation of scientific and technological achievements.

assessment expert committee believes that this result is a major breakthrough in chinese ozone equipment manufacturing technology ,its performance indicators reached the international advanced level.

based on many years of experience with manufacturing technology, qingdao guolin industry co., ltd. undertook this project and launched large ozone equipment research and development work since 2010. with support of national major project plan and qingdao science and technology development plan, guolin has conquered technical difficulty on high efficiency ozone discharge unit technology, ozone generation unit technology with good heat dissipation performance, 1200kw capacitive load special high power middle frequency inverter power supply technology for ozone generator, large ozone generator power supply control and monitoring technology within 2 years, and applied for 2 national invention patents and 2 utility model patents.

after 2 months stable operation in factory, the ozone concentration, ozone output, ozone consumption indicators reached the international leading level after detection by the national electrical safety quality supervision and inspection center. the development of this project indicates china has r & d and manufacturing technology of 120kg/h large ozone generator with completely independent intellectual property rights, and guolin becomes one of three manufacturers in the world which have such kind of manufacturing technology. the successful development of this project and promotion application will greatly improved the level and application level of ozone equipment manufacture in china, and promote construction of ecological civilization and quality of of people’s life. at the same time, it will greatly enhance the confidence to domestic large-scale ozone equipment from domestic municipal water supply and environmental protection fields, and help domestic ozone equipment manufacturing industry to win a wider domestic and international market.

large 120kg/h ozone generator and its series products can be widely used in municipal drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, flue gas denitrification, pulp bleaching, fine chemical oxidation, etc., which is the important development direction of the national "twelfth five year" and is also the important technical equipment for environmental protection engineering application.

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