on june 17th, 2015, subject acceptance meeting of national twelfth five-year plan major scientific and technological water treatment special project with item of “non-glass dielectric large ozone generator equipment development and industrialization” held by water management office of ministry of housing and urban-rural development of the people’s republic of china(mohurd) was started in qingdao. the meeting group leader --shao yisheng, deputy head --yang min, deputy director of water project of mohurd--kong xiangjuan, dr. ren haijing, director of national environmental protection administration--dr. zhu jialiang and leaders of qingdao science and technology department attended the conference.

all senior experts from the national institute of civil engineering, tongji university, central south design & research institute of china municipal engineering, tsinghua university and other experts involved in domestic environmental protection and ozone technology did the acceptance inspection. this project of “non-glass dielectric large ozone generator equipment development and industrialization”is dominated by qingdao guolin industry co., ltd., and assisted in carrying responsibility by ocean university of china, beijing municipal engineering design institute. with on-site inspection, testing and inquiry, the expert group agreed that:

in this paper, the key components and remote operation and maintenance platform of large scale ozone generator is researched and developed. mass production of non-glass dielectric type ozone generator is formed and achieved the important results. first, we successully developed discharge unit of non-glass type large ozone generator, the key device of middle frequency large power high voltage transformer and power unit.  the series of large ozone generators are formed with model of 20kg/h, 30kg/h, 50kg/h, 80kg/h. and main technical performance of this series of ozone generators can meet the contract requirements. equipment localization rate can reach 94.7% and core components completely are made in china; discharge tube repair rate < 0.5%; competitiveness of products is significantly improved. second, we established large ozone generator series products production base with annual production capacity of 150 sets ( 4000kgo3/h). the operating sites with guolin ozone generators for drinking water advanced treatment capacity more than 100,000.00 tons/day exceed 6. all agreed acceptance on the subject.

group of experts recommended further summary to project results and tracking to long-term and stable operation performance of product, product performance can be continuously improved and product market share can be expanded.

the success of “non-glass dielectric large ozone generator equipment development and industrialization” is a sign that the manufacturing technology and level of ozone equipment in our country has reached international advanced standard, which will greatly enhance the confidence of home made ozone generator used in municipal water supply application and environmental protection field. meanwhile, it also plays an important role on enhancing the core competitiveness of chinese ozone equipment manufacturing and expanding international markett.

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