Friday, May 22, 2015

10 Tips On How To Pack For Any Ocassion

I've been thinking lately that I suck at packing. Honestly, I really do. I'm one of those girls who no matter where she's going she needs a ridiculously big suitcase, who ends up wearing the exact same 3 things for the whole trip even if she packed 3 months worth of outfits. 

My biggest fear when arriving to the airport is my bag being overweight and having to pay an outrageous amount of money to take things I'm not even going to use. My suitcases have had overweight a lot of times, some of them I've been lucky and the plane wasn't at full capacity, so they didn't charge me... but still... how stupid is it to pay for stuff that I'm not even going to take out of the suitcase? 

For the ones that have been following my blog for a while now, you know that last summer I worked at a summer camp. Well, this year I'm going back and I've learned a few things about packing. For those who are wondering: yes, last year my bag was overweight, because heaven forbid I didn't have enough clothes for 2 months...and yes, of course I ended up wearing the same 5 tops and shorts my whole stay there. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

How To Wear Joggers With Heels

First of all let me tell you how sorry I am for being so MIA. It's been a crazy past couple of weeks because of final projects and exams but I'm finally done and I'm off for the summer! *does the HSM Summer Time dance*
It looks like all the stress and tiredness kicked in because I've been in bed sick the last couple of days but I'm finally feeling better and ready to get back on track! 

As much as you love fashion, sometimes don't you just feel lazy and wish you could stay in pajamas or joggers all day long without a care in the world? Well, with this trend that has been going around, I guess now we can!! I don't know why anyone hadn't thought of this before and I thank the person who came up with this. I would've never though about wearing heels with joggers, what about you? 
Obviously, you can't wear heels with any joggers out there...I don't think this would look good with just any pair of joggers. They should be skinny and chic. 

Here are some outfits for you to get inspired, stay comfy and chic all day long! 

Top from MANGO, Joggers from Topshop, Blazer from H&M, Bag from Forever21, Shoes from H&M
Casual Friday done right! 

Joggers from 6PM, Shoes from CharlotteRusse, Bag from H&M

Top from ZARA, Joggers from Hollister, Jacket from H&M, Bag from ZARA, Shoes from GoJane

What do you think about this trend? Are you into it? Comment below if you've tried it before, I'd love to see some outfits! 

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Be Fashionable, Be Green: Conscious Exclusive by H&M

We celebrated Earth Day yesterday and what better way to honor it than talking about sustainable fashion? 

When manufacturing clothes, there are certain things to be taken into account in order for a garment to be considered "sustainable". These factos include the sounce of fibers, the way they are treated to convert them into a textile, the workng environment of those who produce the materials, the overall carbon footprint, etc. 
The fabrics that are used in sustainable fashion are those of which fibers come directly from nature and don't involve chemical processes to produce them. Cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, hemp, to mention a few. Another way to be sustainble with fabrics is to recycle old ones. 

The fashion industry pollutes the environment a lot because of all the chemicals that are involved in the manufacturing process of clothes. Nowadays, we have to be much more conscious about the world we live in because we only have one. 

Sustainable fashion doesn't have to be ugly, not at all. We can see this clearly with the collection that H&M launched in the last few days: Conscious Exclusive. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Things You Need To Know About Mexican Fashion

As I've mentioned before, mexican fashion is really starting to take off and the talent these great designers have is amazing and I wish they were better known around the world already! 
There are many things that people work to make better in this country and others that might seem irrelevant to some, like fashion. Of course there are public matters that should be fixed with much more urgency, like poverty, for example. However, fashion is an art. Everything behind it involves a whole culture...and culture is a big part (maybe the biggest) of who we are as a country. We have amazing designers in Mexico, and they should be getting much more credit for their work around the world. 

These days, there are many great things people have been doing to bring Mexico to the world through fashion. One of the most important ones, I think, is the website called Mexicouture. This platform was founded by Sara Galindo, one of the most important mexican fashion figures, former Executive Fashion Editor of ELLE Mexico, executive director and judge at Elle Mexico DiseƱa (a TV show similar to Project Runway) and much more. This website is a place where you can get to know the most important mexican fashion designers, you can buy their clothes, etc. 

Visit Mexicouture here.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico

Yesterday I had the chance to attend my first Fashion Week show ever and let me tell you, it was everything I expected! I attended Macario Jimenez' show, who has 20 years of experience and whose clothes are absolutely amazing. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Dress Like a Model Off Duty

Models don't look like models 24/7 (okay, yeah, they do no matter what. But still...). They're not dressed for the runway the whole time. If you take a look at street style photographs of Models, you will notice that what they're wearing reflects two main things: style and comfort. Which is what we want when we dress, right? Sometimes we might ditch the comfort for fashion's sake, but what if you could dress really fashionably for your every day life, and be comfortable at the same time? You just have to channel your inner Cara Delevigne! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

How To Get Shinier Hair

This is a bit of a different post, but I wanted to share with you what I've started doing for the last couple of weeks. Fashion is about the overall look, not only clothes and shoes. You have to wear the right thing, have nice hair and wear a signature perfume. Everything counts. 
I've always had a really complicated type of hair. When I was a little girl I used to have really, really straight hair. My mom used to struggle because she couldn't get my hair to stay up in a ponytail. When I started growing up, it began to get thicker and not so straight. I used to get this really awful knots at the base of my head and I would stay for like an hour in the shower and use a whole bottle of conditioner to get it was awful. Anyways, hair gets damaged very easily. Because we wash it everyday, the chemicals in the products we use, the heat from straighteners and blow dryers...etc etc etc. I get split ends very easily...even if I've just had a haircut, a week later split ends will start showing up. My hair gets really dry and I don't even put it through a rough time that often. I've come to the conclusion that it's because I wash it every single day. I know it's bad but I won't stop doing it, since I exercise every day, it'd be disgusting if I didn't wash it afterwards. 
So if you're like me and you have to put a lot of effort for your hair to be shiny and not as damaged...I have the solution for you! 

1. Only wash your hair daily if, like me, there's absolutely no way not to do it. If you have no problem with not washing it every day, do it every 3 days or every other'll notice the big change! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Trends to Start Wearing Now II

These upcoming trends are a little bit more simple than the ones in the last post. However, they're really cool and they scream spring very loud.

Blue and White

blue white

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Trends To Start Wearing Now

We're only a couple days away from the oh so awaited spring for so many. This means, you're still in time to start spring with the most amazing trends ever!
We saw so many great trends on the runway for the spring collections. Of course, some of them might no be ready to wear, however, there are several that you can adapt to your closet and totally rock it by taking them from the catwalk to the sidewalk!
Since there are quite a few trends out there that I want to show to  you, this will be a kind of series. So, stay posted for the next couple of parts to this article and keep giving your closet a twist!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Girly With An Edge

So the weather has been crazy the last couple of days. It's been really really hot lately, but all of a started raining yesterday. Because of this, I didn't know what to wear today. It was really hot in the morning but the sky was so cloudy and dull, it looked like it definitely was going to rain, so this was a problem. I went for a skirt and a leather jacket. I only wore the jacket until it started to be chilly, before that the outfit was perfect for the heat. I think this is a really good outfit for this in between seasons awkward period. It doesn't really say spring, but it doesn't say winter either. I love mix and matching styles; the girly skirt with rather tough pieces like the leather jacket and the booties.