never forget the soldier's original heart and always keep the soldier's character-j9九游会真人

2019-08-02 373 share

on the afternoon of august 1, in order to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the people's liberation army and pay tribute to the veterans, the company held a "symposium for veterans celebrating august 1 army day" in the production base. relevant leaders of the company's production base attended the symposium, and more than 20 representatives of veterans from different positions of the company attended the symposium.

the forum opened the curtain with the song of "i am a soldier". the song is still loudly, the momentum is still magnificent, the military character is still not less than the years. all the veterans enthusiastically spoke up, reminiscence of the eventful years of the military, and talked about the harvest and feelings of participating in the work after leaving the army. leaders on behalf of the company to all veterans to express holiday congratulations, fully affirmed and praised the good style and exemplary role of everyone in their daily work. the company calls on all veterans, never forget the original intention of soldiers, soldiers always keep their true colors, dare to take responsibility, serious and responsible, charge ahead, willing to contribute, the good style of publicity into the actual work, actively drive the people around, play a greater role in their positions, and make new contributions to the development of the enterprise.


in order to express the company's care for the veterans, the company also prepared holiday gifts for the veterans, let everyone feel the warmth of the big family. feel the strong atmosphere of loving and supporting the army of the company. at the end of the symposium, the veterans said that they must not forget the fine tradition of the people's army. in the future work will be based on the post, diligent dedication, solid work. continue to maintain the fine style of hard work and selfless dedication. they will take the lead in enterprise development and take the initiative to repay the motherland with concrete actions and contribute our strength to the enterprise.