fire merciless, guolin has love-j9九游会真人

2019-10-28 397 share

in the early morning of october 16, 2019, an unidentified fire broke out in the home of liu haiping, an employee of the administration department of the company, and all four tiled houses were destroyed. as a result of the incident suddenly, too late to rescue, causing all the furniture in the house, home appliances, bedding, all kinds of documents and part of the cash were destroyed by the merciless fire. it was even more difficult for the family, which was not rich.

the chairman of the company, ding xiangpeng, and the relevant leaders of the production base were informed of the news and went to the scene of the fire to see the damage and to visit liu haiping's temporary residence. mr. ding expressed the company's ardent concern for liu haiping and hoped that they would be strong and the company would work with them to overcome the current difficulties.


even if the natural and man-made disasters are merciless, all people have love. after the company's labor union knew about the situation, they immediately issued a "love donation proposal" to the whole company, which was immediately responded positively by all the staff, all of them lent a helping hand, generously and actively participated in the "love donation" activity. no rituals, no renderings, but a warm current trickling through the company.

this love donation carries the company's staff's love for liu haiping and her family. we hope our little contribution will be combined into a warm current of love, so that liu haiping's family can tide over the difficulties as soon as possible and rebuild their home.