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2019-10-29 402 share

on october 22, 2019, the "research and engineering demonstration of integrated control technology of pollutants(so2、 nox、 pm) in coal-fired boilers", a national key research and development plan, was successfully held in south china university of technology.

nearly 20 people, including project leader, task leader, elites of some projects and technical personnel of relevant units, attended the meeting. professor tang wenhu, dean of school of electric power of south china university of technology attended the meeting and gave a speech.


wang chunbo, professor of north china electric power university, pu bailin, minister of chengdu yizhou technology co., ltd., dingcai, deputy general manager of qingdao guolin environmental protection technology co., ltd., lu jidong, professor of south china university of technology, and hu jian, general manager of china energy conservation guoji (ningxia) united electric power company, all reported their work for half a year on behalf of each organizations.

after listening to the report of each topic, dr. ren yujie summarized the research progress of the project and made specific evaluation of the research progress of each topic. he pointed out that part of the research work of beijing tianhao environmental protection technology co., ltd. which participated in the research of project 4 lagged behind, which affected the overall progress of project 4. according to the requirements of the meeting, each organization unit will immediately organize researchers to improve the project task, so as to ensure the timely completion of the project task set goals and tasks.


dr. ren fuchun, director of the project office, organized a discussion on the work standard for comprehensive performance evaluation of national key r&d projects (trial) (no.107 [2018] of the office of national science and technology administration), which clarified the requirements, procedures and progress of performance evaluation. the meeting decided to start the project acceptance by the end of october and complete the project acceptance by the end of march next year. start project acceptance by the end of april, submit performance evaluation data by the end of july, and strive to complete project acceptance by the end of october.

the meeting also discussed the integrated control simulation operation system, the high temperature dust collector and scr one box arrangement scheme. the meeting calls on all the participating units and personnel to keep a scientific and rigorous attitude, make persistent efforts, and strive hard to achieve the goals set in the assignment task!