the training course on tap water disinfection technology sponsored by shandong water association was held in qingdao-j9九游会真人

2015-07-16 609 share

from april 22 to 25, 2014, a training course on high-standard urban water supply disinfection technology sponsored by shandong provincial construction department and shandong water association and undertaken by qingdao water supply group was held in qingdao. this training course is held in three phases. this period (the first phase) trains about 100 operation management technicians from 18 water utilities groups from all over the province. they have passed the 3-day training, visit and completion examination

depth treatment of water supply in shandong province has just begun and achieved good operation results, so there is a huge space for popularization and application, and most of the technical and production management personnel for water plants do not understand the "ozone activated carbon depth treatment process". therefore, zhang lei, general manager of our company is invited to attend and give lectures in this training class. at the meeting, mr. zhang made a report on the application of ozone in the deep treatment of drinking water, and made a detailed explanation from the aspects of the nature of ozone, ozone generator and ozone system, ozone activated carbon deep treatment process, user case introduction and experience summary, error of ozone generator selection and so on. after 90 minutes of detailed introduction by mr. zhang, great interest was aroused among the on-site trainees. after the meeting, several water companies conducted technical consultation and intentional negotiation with our company.



on april 24, provincial construction department, relevant leaders of water association and the trainees of this training class visited our ozone industrial base for investigation. the training party visited the ozone technology exhibition hall and production workshops of our company to understand the production process and application of ozone equipment in detail. to our production site management, advanced production technology and technology, standardized management expressed full affirmation. strengthen the confidence of "ozone activated carbon deep treatment process" in the field of water treatment in our province.